Nak Bali means you are originated from Bali (in Balinese). But, I'm not. I had the opportunity to live here for about 3 months started from June 2010 until August 2010 for my internship in PT. Mitrais (Software Development). This is one of my turning point to embrace the world, since I never went out, lived by myself outside of my hometown, Depok City.

My starting point was the newly constructed Terminal 3 of Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Cengkareng which served Jakarta and its surrounding. This terminal adopted minimalist modern design which is really different from other terminals. This terminal assigned to serve low cost carriers such as AirAsia and Mandala Airlines (at that time, Mandala was a mixed service Airlines). I went to Bali with my mom so she could introduce me with relatives who are living there so they could help me find a room to stay for my internship period. We both got a great deal from AirAsia for two return tickets from Jakarta to Bali cost 700.000 rupiahs (around US$70). Fantastic! It was a great deal, although we experienced several shocks and once time of losing a little bit height caused by turbulence and partial vacuum in air. The weather was not so good.
alt text

When we arrived, we traveled to the North of Bali, where there are couple families from my father living near the Lovina Beach. On the route back to the south, we stopped for Bedugul. Bedugul is an interesting and beautiful place. Actually, Bedugul is kind of mountain lake resort with its "floated" Pura (temple) and it is very iconic. There is flower park nearby.
alt text Since it was iconic, Bedugul is featured to 50000 rupiah bank note (around US$5).
alt text It was quite cloudy when I visited the venue.

It was hard to find a room as we asked so many places that rented a room and they said no room was available. But, we managed to get me one room although it was costly around $70 or Rp. 700000 per month. But, at least, I could sleep peacefully. It was messy :P.
alt text I lived near the airport and the beach (Segara Beach, the neighbour of Kuta Beach and Airport Beach). So, sultry all the time. I started to grow some love for Airplanes here. I really like to see Airplanes coming for landing or taking off. I wished I had a DSLR and long lens at the time for doing some spotting.
alt text

I equipped with my relative's bicycle which was turned to be handy to travel around Kuta. So, it came days which I took my bike to the beach and enjoys sightseeing. I almost believed the sense of everyday is holiday in Bali but I'm working here!
alt text alt text

This is water park facility that I wished to try but I didn't and I saved for another opportunities.
alt text Bali, to be sure, has most interesting statues and public parks more than other parts in Indonesia. This one is near the airport and my place.
alt text Being in predominantly Muslim country, Bali has its own uniqueness with its most people followed Hindu as the religion. But, this one is interesting where Mosque and Church can live in harmony side by side.

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